Do I need a passport?

A full valid British passport is required for entry into Ireland, France and Italy, but not for Scotland and Wales. Your passport must be valid for at least three months from the date you return back into the country. Nationals from countries other than the UK should check passport and Visa requirements with their respective embassy.

Do I need a visa?

No visa is required for travelling to countries within the Six Nations Championship. Nationals from countries other than the UK should check passport and Visa requirements with their respective embassy.

Can I use my ATM/credit card in Ireland, France, Italy, Wales and Scotland?

Most major cards can be used within these countries, but we advise that you check with your bank, building society or credit card provider before travelling.

What is the currency in each of these countries?

The currency in Wales and Scotland is the Pound (£)

The currency in Italy, France and Ireland is the Euro (€)

How and where will my travel documents be delivered?

Travel documentation will be sent by courier to the address stated on the booking form submitted through the website unless you have notified us otherwise. As the packages are delivered by courier, they will need to be signed for and you should notify us of an alternative delivery address if no one will be at the address on the booking form submitted through the website during the day.

When will I receive the travel documentation for my trip?

Tickets for your travel services (flights, Eurostar or ferry), together with your final travel itinerary, will be sent to you approximately 10 days prior to your date of travel. If your package includes a National Express coach, your documentation will be sent out five days prior to your date of travel.

Do I need travel insurance before travelling?

We strongly recommend that you and all members of your party are adequately insured after you have booked your holiday. Indeed it is a condition of booking that you must have insurance cover at least equivalent to that described below. We have arranged a special scheme with Travel & General Insurance Services Limited, underwritten by certain underwriters at Union Reiseversicherung AG.

To view the latest travel insurance cover and premiums, please click here, select the relevant terms and conditions and scroll down to point number eight.

Why do we have to complete an insurance indemnity form?

It is a legal requirement that we ensure that all travellers are properly insured. We cannot require you to take out our insurance, although we have to have confirmation that you are properly insured otherwise you cannot travel and your tickets (for flights, Eurostar or ferry and coach) will not be dispatched.

Those travellers who do not take out our insurance must complete an insurance indemnity form to confirm that they are adequately insured by other means.

When will we receive our match tickets?

For security reasons all match tickets included in travel packages will be distributed within your chosen destination prior to each game. You will be asked to produce your match ticket voucher and to sign for the receipt of the correct number of tickets. Full details of your match ticket pickup will be noted within your travel documentation.

How does the current € price affect our packages?

Prices stipulated on this website are in Pounds Sterling.

For clients requiring tailor-made packages, quotations will be calculated on the rate of exchange on the date that the quote is prepared.