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Choosing the right travel insurance is an essential part of your holiday plans giving you peace of mind against unforeseen events.

We have arranged a tailored scheme with travel insurance specialists Travel & General Insurance Services Limited which is underwritten by UK General Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance SE.

Mike Burton Travel Limited (FRN 493949) is an appointed representative of Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (FRN 304788) and all firms are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Our travel insurance policy has a number of exclusions and restrictions to them. It is very important that you read and understand these, especially regarding pre-existing medical conditions, and only purchase the policy if you are happy that you and every member of your party meet the eligibility criteria. A copy of the full policy wording can be found here

You should read your policy immediately to ensure it meets with your requirements. If for any reason it does not it must be returned within 14 days of the date of issue or prior to travel whichever is the sooner. Your money will be refunded in full, provided no claims have been made or incident likely to give rise to a claim has arisen.


When submitting your booking online you expressed an interest in obtaining a travel insurance quote. Please find as follows a summary of the policy we are able to offer including insurance premiums.

We strongly recommend that you and all members of your party are adequately insured from the moment that you book your holiday. It is a condition of booking that you must have adequate insurance to cover your trip.

We have arranged a scheme with Travel & General Insurance Services. 

Please note premiums need to cover the full duration of your tour, i.e. from the date of travel, to and including the date of your return to the UK. Please also note that cover is only available for UK residents.

England Rugby Travel is a trading name of Mike Burton Travel and is an appointed representative of Travel & General Insurance Services Limited. Both companies are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Full details of which can be found on the FCA website (

Please click here for the Travel & General Insurance Policy

Please click here for the  Travel & General Insurance Policy Summary

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The above premiums apply to persons aged 18 up to and including 65 (on or before date of travel) and are inclusive of insurance premium tax at the prevailing rate.
Please note the following calculations that apply to the premiums for those persons outside the 18 to 65 yrs range:


Persons aged from 0 to 2 years
Premium is zero when accompanied by an insured adult

Persons aged from 3 to 17 years
50% discount on the above premium when accompanied by an insured adult

From 66 to under 70 years
2 x the adult premium

From 71 to under 75 years
3 x the adult premium

Please contact England Rugby Travel Customer Services if you are over the age of 75 and require a travel insurance quote.




A Cancellation or Curtailment
up to £5,000

B Medical Expenses
up to £5,000,000

Hospital Benefit
up to £500

Criminal Injuries Benefit
up to £5,000

C Personal accident
up to £25,000

Death (age limits apply)
up to £10,000

D Delayed Departure
Travel delay £25 first 12-hour period and £25 each subsequent.
Up to £100 (12 hours to maximum)

Failure of transport
Up to £1,000

Missed connection
Up to £1,000

Hijack of aircraft, train or sea vessel
Up to £3,000

E Personal effects
Up to £2,500

Single item limit

Total Valuables limit

Personal money
Up to £500

Temporary loss of baggage
Up to £100

Passport or visa
Up to £250

Up to £1,000

F Personal liability
Up to £2,000,000

G Legal expenses
Up to £15,000

Winter Sports cover is also available as an optional extension under the single trip policy, please contact England Rugby Travel Customer Services if you wish to enquire about this.

An insurance policy document containing a more detailed summary will be sent to you should you confirm travel insurance. This is also available on request in advance.

A 24 hour medical emergency service is available as part of the policy and details of the contacts are contained in the documentation you will be sent if you confirm this insurance.


Your policy excludes all claims relating directly or indirectly to Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that affect You, Your travelling companions or anyone else upon whom Your travel plans may depend, such as a Close Relative. Anyone named under this policy must have read this Important Declaration and understood the medical screening questions. Your policy can only provide cover in respect of an event/occurrence which is sudden, unforeseen and beyond Your reasonable control and excludes all cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions unless disclosed to Us and We agree cover.

Please read and answer the following Medical Screening questions:

 - Have You or a Close Relative ever received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations by Your doctor, a consultant or specialist), or been prescribed drugs or medication for any respiratory condition (relating to the lungs or breathing), heart condition, stroke, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, allergy, or cancer?

 - Have You or a Close Relative received surgery, in-patient treatment or investigations in a hospital or clinic or been prescribed drugs or medication, within the last twelve months, for any other medical condition?

 - Are You aware of any circumstances that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim on this policy?

If You have answered Yes to either of these questions, You should contact Healthcheck on 01702 427253

This should be done at the time of taking out this insurance or during the period of insurance prior to booking Your Trip if Your health changes. Healthcheck will confirm whether or not cover is available for the condition. An additional premium may be payable.

Failure to contact Healthcheck or providing an incomplete or inaccurate declaration may invalidate any claim. 


You are now ready to purchase travel insurance through us if:

a) you are satisfied that you have no medical conditions that need to be highlighted, or

b) you have dealt with the Healthcheck team and received the correct documentation from them

To purchase travel insurance, please select each member of your party requiring cover.

We will then arrange the cover on your behalf upon confirmation of your booking. Please note that Insurance cover will not be valid until full payment has been received.

Full details of the insurer and complaints procedure is contained within the documentation you will be sent. You have 14 days to return the policy and receive a full refund if it does not meet your requirements, providing you have not travelled or made a claim.