How many Priority Access Passes do I need?

You will need a Priority Access Pass for each member of your party – so one for a single traveller and four for a party of four – and so on.

Each Priority Access Pass is 100% refundable if for any reason you cannot travel and will be redeemed from your final package price.

They get you to the front of the queue when our packages become available and guarantees the reassurance and security you are travelling with England’s official travel company.


When do Rugby World Cup 2019 packages go on sale?

Our ticket-inclusive packages will go on sale in April 2018.

Priority Access Pass holders will have an exclusive booking window of around a month, where our packages will only be available to them.

In April our packages will be made available to the general public in the UK.


Is the £250 priority access pass refundable?

Absolutely. If, for whatever reason, you decide not to book with us, we will refund your Priority Access Pass.

This might be because your circumstances change and you cannot travel or simply you cannot find the package you want – however unlikely that may be.


Does the £250 get deducted from price of my package?

Yes. Your £250 gets deducted from your final package price – it acts as a refundable deposit and is the best way to guarantee your place at the front of the queue.


Why should I get a Priority Access Pass?

It’s simple. A Priority Access Pass guarantees you the peace of mind that you are at the front queue when our ticket-packages become available.

We anticipate Rugby World Cup 2019 will be the most in-demand tournament ever and thousands of fans from the UK and Ireland are expected to travel.

Our Priority Access Pass ensures you are the front of the queue to book the package you want when they become available. With flights, hotels, events and match tickets included, it is the simple and best way to book your place.


What is the Priority Access Pass?

Essentially, it’s a refundable deposit. It allows those fans who are keenest to experience Rugby World Cup 2019 to be at the front of the queue when packages become available.


A friend wants to be added to my booking, is that possible?

Absolutely. All you will need is your booking reference number to add a friend to your booking. But please remember, they will also need a Priority Access Pass to have access to our packages when they become available.

Simply call a member of our sales team on 0344 788 5000 and speak to a member of our team to add to your booking.