The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is impossible to miss when visiting Paris. Located in the Champ de Mars, the 324-metre-tall tower attracts around seven million visitors per year – which is impressive considering the tower was never intended to be a permanent structure.

If you climb the tower you can see spectacular views of the city from every angle. But don’t worry if you don’t want to take the 1,665 steps it takes to get to the top, you can use the lift!

Visit the Eiffel Tower at night to witness the monument illuminate the sky with its sparkle for five minutes every hour.

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum and houses the richest painting collection in the world. The museum has more than 35,000 artworks on display at any one time covering a full spectrum of art throughout the ages. Artefacts include Egyptian antiques, ancient Greek and Roman sculptures and is home to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting, The Mona Lisa.

River Cruise

Why not try a river cruise to see iconic Parisian landmarks whilst floating along the famous River Seine? These short cruises enable you to see the romantic city from a different perspective along with a guided tour to tell you interesting facts about the landmarks. There are several different types of cruise, from a one hour sightseeing cruise to luxury experiences including gourmet meals and champagne.

Montparnasse Tower

Get an astounding view of the whole of Paris from the 200-metre-high observation deck of the Montparnasse Tower. After a 38 second lift ride to the top, step out to see breath-taking views of the Eiffel Tower and other historic monuments including the Sacré-Cœur and the Louvre. The panoramic view provides some amazing photo opportunities during the day or at night. In the evening the Montparnasse Tower becomes the best place to watch a spectacular sunset followed by the twinkling Eiffel Tower.

Palace of Versailles

Visit one of the most popular castles in France! The Palace of Versailles is one of the largest and most luxurious castles in the world which attracts millions of visitors per year. The Chateau is a beautiful example of 17th and 18th century architecture with it gaining UNESCO world heritage site status 30 years ago. As well as the exquisite, 73 metre hall of mirrors and Marie Antionette’s apartment, there is also the opportunity to explore the stunning palace gardens. The garden is the largest of its kind in Europe containing many pretty fountains.