Japan is a place where ancient traditions are indelibly linked to modern life.

It’s a magnificently contemporary, neon-lit country but travelling through it offers a great chance to connect with traditional culture. Sleeping on futons and tatami mats, chant with monks, admire a Kyoto Geisha dance or lose yourself in a Zen rock garden, Japan has the power to capture the heart and soul of every traveller on a rugby adventure.

And that’s not all. Japan is a foodie’s dream. Many restaurants have spent generations perfecting their chosen dishes and during the tournament, fans will get the chance to discover how varied it is. The delicate, glorious sushi from the coast differs hugely from the hearty hotpots of the mountains, which means there is something always on offer.

Japan is a long, volcanic country, over two-thirds of which are mountains. It’s a kaleidoscope of differences and experiences. Japan really does have it all.