Twickenham Stadium

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has classified the seating at Twickenham Stadium into five different Categories of Official Match Ticket.  The highest Category of Ticket is ‘Premium Category’, followed by ‘Category 1’, ‘Category 2’, ‘Category 3’ and ‘Category 4’.  This stadium classification is subject to change and re-categorisation at any time at the sole discretion of the RFU.

Twickenham Stadium has three different tiers of seating (Lower Tier, Middle Tier and Upper Tier) and the different Ticket Categories vary in position throughout the different Tiers and Stands within the stadium.  Any single block of seats at Twickenham Stadium can contain up to three different Categories of Ticket within it.

England Rugby Travel receives an allocation of Match Tickets from the RFU, the makeup of which is subject to change at any time.  Each England Rugby Travel package contains an entry level Category of Ticket and any Ticket Category upgrades currently available will be shown on the Options page of the booking process.

Packages including Official Hospitality will have an Official Match Ticket included which will likely be located in the South Stand.


Away matches

For matches where England are the Away Team and the match is played away from Twickenham Stadium, England Rugby Travel receives Tickets that are part of the RFU’s Official Away Team allocation. These Ticket allocations are organised and determined by the relevant Home Union and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Home Team Union.

As such, Ticket upgrade options in England Rugby Travel Packages are not available for matches where England are the Away Team and we are therefore unable to offer a choice in Ticket Category.

*Subject to availability