France uses the Euro. ATM’s or distributeur’ can be used to withdraw Euros although a foreign transaction fee may apply. Mastercard and Visa credit card payments are accepted widely, however American Express credit card payments are not always accepted.

Telephone System
To call a UK number, dial 00 44 followed by the UK number without its leading 0.To call a French number from an English mobile, dial 00 33 1 followed by the number without its leading 0.


Paris’ main airport is Charles de Gaulle Airport situated approximately 15 miles north of the city. One of the first airports to have an integrated rail system, it has direct links into the capital by the rapid RER/TGV train service which takes approximately 45 minutes. Regular buses and taxis also provide transport straight into the heart of the city.


Located in the north of Paris, the Gare du Nord will be your Eurostar arrival and departure location. Served by the Metro, RER and regular buses, the station has excellent transport links to the heart of the city. If you are planning on taking a taxi, follow the signs to the official taxi rank that operates from the station, where officials are on hand to allocate taxis. Even if the queue looks long, it moves quickly and offers a safer and cheaper option than taxi touts.


Other than the Metro, walking is the best way to see the city. Take care at pedestrian crossings as the green man does not necessarily mean that the traffic will stop.


The Metro is open daily from 0530hrs to 0140hrs, with trains running up to 0215hrs on Friday and Saturday. Single tickets, along with various passes, can be purchased from any Metro station or tourist office. Keep your Metro ticket on you whilst travelling, as you may be asked to present it to a ticket guard either on the train or at the station. If you are unable to present a valid ticket you may be fined.

Tip: Make sure to use the Metro and not the RER when travelling within the city. The RER may look similar to the Metro, but uses a different train system that mainly serves areas outside the city. Metro stations are labelled with a large ‘M’, while RER stations are labelled ‘RER’. Metro tickets are also valid for buses.


Although less common than the Metro, Paris hosts a comprehensive bus network. It is possible to purchase a ticket on the bus, but remember to validate your ticket or pass by punching it in the machine situated next to the driver. Non-validated tickets may incur a fine. Tip: Be sure to have the correct change!

There are also a number of companies offering hop on/hop off tourist buses that stop off at all the major sites.


It’s often much easier to find a taxi rank than it is to hail one in the street. The white light on the roof indicates the taxi is available, whilst an orange light means that it is hired. Ensure that the meter is operating otherwise you will have to haggle with the driver to agree a price. Please note that taxis levy a charge per item for any luggage stored in the boot and also a charge at night. Tip: Not all Paris taxi drivers accept credit/debit cards. Make sure to carry some cash with you at all times.