From tightly packed streets full of great pubs and bars, late-night parties and the stunning castle majestically looking down from on high, Edinburgh is a wonderful city to explore on a Six Nations Championship weekend.


Wander the cobbled streets, cram yourself into a centuries old inn for a drink, hear the songs from fans as they head towards Murrayfield – matchday in Edinburgh is something special.

From parties of fans in their kilts and shirts, the drummers and the fireworks, Murrayfield love to welcome the English in their unique way and with the Calcutta Cup at stake, the rugby is always raw, rock hard and committed.

Edinburgh is a city of contrasts and extremes – from the castle silhouetted against a blue sky, late night snugs and pubs with a treasure trove of whiskeys, a cafe in the Old Town for a coffee and the dark mouths of the alleys – each with a different site, smell and experience.

Edinburgh is a gem of a place – not just for rugby lovers but for lovers of life. It has something for every taste and experience and even the most seasoned travellers and rugby fans will find something new on each visit.

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